RFP - Utility Billing & CIS
[Last Updated: 6/11/2021 6:59:09 AM]

Updates 6/11/2021:

  • TCLP UBCIS RFP Document (WORD) - This was requested by several for easier fillable forms.  No text shall be modified for any reason at any point.
  • Multispeak Support - This will be REQUIRED for internal system communications
  • On-Premise Solution - An on-premise solution is what is being sought after
  • Appendix A (Pricing Table) - Please disregard, a new Appendix A will be published and sent out that will break pricing out to allow for easier comparables
  • Total RFP Submissions - We will evaluate any/all that come in
  • Pre-Bid Conference - This was not mandatory but encouraged


Traverse City Light & Power, a Michigan Public Power Electrical Utility, is seeking bids on a Utility Billing and Customer Information System.

All bids are expected to be submitted on or before June 28th, 2021.

Interested Bidders Please Follow Steps Below:

  • Must Fill out an Interested Bidder Form
  • Note: There should be a single primary point of contact for interested bidders.
  • Instructions for a pre-bid conference call will be sent to the email address used to fill out the form.
  • TCLP UBCIS RFP Document (PDF)

If you filled out the form but do not receive an email response within one business day, please send an inquiry to smenhart@tclp.org

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