Renewable Energy

Currently 11% of Traverse City Light & Power’s electric generation comes from renewable sources. That percentage is expected to increase to nearly 15% as a result of the recent power purchase commitment that TCL&P entered into with the Michigan Public Power Agency for 3.6 MW of wind energy located in the thumb area of Michigan.

TCL&P receives its renewable energy from the following sources:

Wind Turbine on M-72

In 1996, TCL&P became the first Michigan municipal electric utility to install a utility scale wind turbine. At the time of construction, with a blade diameter of 144 feet on a 160-foot tower, it was the largest operating wind turbine in the country. It produces about 600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year, which can power approximately 110 homes. In 2014, TCL&P signed over ownership of the turbine to Heritage Sustainable Energy, LLC, owners of Stoney Corner Wind Farm. TCL&P continues to buy the output of the turbine.

Ever wonder what the view is like from the top of the turbine? Click here to find out.

Heritage Stoney Corners Wind Farm

TCL&P is purchasing the electric generation from five two megawatt wind turbines near Cadillac. These wind turbines stand 328 feet tall and have a blade diameter of 303 feet.

Granger Landfill Gas

TCL&P and the other municipal members of the Michigan Public Power Agency are purchasing energy from several facilities in southern Michigan.