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Residential Rebates

Infiltration Reduction Act Savings Calculator

Rewiring America now offers a calculator that shows the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) incentives (tax credits and rebates) available to help households save money on energy bills, improve energy efficiency, and reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Residential Rebates Program

The Traverse City Energy Saver Program is designed to help our customers save energy and money. We offer rebates on a wide variety of energy saving products from LED light bulbs to furnaces and appliances. The program is designed just for our area to help you save money, save energy and help save our environment through your own conservation.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the application. All applicable residential rebates are listed on the application.

Receipts are required as proof of purchase, and in some cases the packaging, or photo of the packaging may be required to prove ENERGY STAR® certification. Please double check before throwing anything away.

A rebate check will be mailed to the person listed on the TCLP account and take 6-8 weeks to receive. If an account is not in good standing at the time of rebate approval, the rebate will be applied towards your TCLP account.

Electric Lawn Tools Rebate

Snow Blower: $200

Multi-Head System Lawn Tool: $250

Riding or Autonomous Lawn Mower: $500

Push lawn mower: $200

Up to $500 cash back!

TCLP is excited to launch a new series of rebates for electric lawn tools, expanding our suite of beneficial electrification rebate offerings. These rebates will save you money on the upfront cost, helping to make the transition from gas-powered to electric lawn equipment. By making the switch, you can contribute to reduced emissions and noise pollution in our community. Through these incentives, TCLP hopes to empower customers to play an active role in building a greener, more sustainable future. Customers have the potential to receive up to $500 back with one single rebate and the opportunity to stack multiple rebates.

Electric Lawn Tools: 

  • Push lawn mower: $200 
  • Riding or autonomous lawn mower: $500
  • Multi-head system lawn tool: $250
  • Individual lawn tool: $50 
  • Snowblower: $200 

E-Bike Rebates

E-Bike: $300

$300 Instant Rebate on Electric Bikes!

Electric bikes provide an eco-friendly, efficient, and enjoyable way to navigate Traverse City. Plus, TCLP is now offering incentives!

How it Works:

TCLP is partnering with our fantastic local bike shops to provide instant discounts on high-quality e-bikes. Rebates are only available through our participating local shops.

    1. Bring a copy of your most recent TCLP bill (paper or electronic) and a valid ID to any of the participating bike shops.
    2. Receive an instant $300 discount on any of the top-quality e-bikes.*
    3. Enjoy your commute, avoid traffic, be happy.

* Limit two rebates per service address per year *

Why Choose an Electric Bicycle?

    • Environmental Impact: E-bikes significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to cars, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier planet.
    • Cost-Effective: Save money on fuel, parking, and maintenance.
    • Convenient: Skip the traffic and enjoy a smoother, often faster commute. E-bikes provide flexibility in route choices, including bike lanes and paths.
    • Health Benefits: Integrate exercise into your daily routine, improving cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

Participating Retailers:

  • City Bike Shop
  • Brick Wheels
  • Einstein Cycles
  • McLain Cycle and Fitness
  • Wildcard Cycle Works

Solar Panel

Recycling Program

Get Paid to Recycle!!

Did you know old refrigerators and freezers use two to three times as much energy as newer models? This can add up to $150 a year to your electric bill. You can receive $75 in rebates when you recycle your inefficient refrigerator or freezer. All we require is that it is running.

To schedule a pick-up or to learn more about the program, call (231) 922-4940.

Room Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier Recycling

TCLP offers a $10 bill credit for recycling your working room air conditioning unit or dehumidifier. Units can be dropped off at the Hastings Street Service Center, 1131 Hastings Street, 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

Customers also have the option of dropping units off at the annual Clean Up & Green Up community recycling event.