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TCLP to Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day 2023

National event urging everyone to “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.”

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 

Contact: Hannah Duell, Communications Specialist, (231)- 932-4544,  

Traverse City, MI 
— In recognition of National Energy Efficiency Day (#EEDay2023) on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, Traverse City Light and Power (TCLP) is joining regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, universities, and individuals in promoting energy efficiency – the cheapest, quickest way to meet our energy needs, cut utility bills, and reduce pollution.  

Energy efficiency is also an economic engine, amassing a U.S. workforce of nearly 2.4 million by the beginning of this year. Ranging from professional services to manufacturing, installation, and construction, these good jobs are local and cannot be outsourced.  

“Being more energy efficient not only lowers utility bills, but it also reduces the need for more infrastructure and power plants. TCLP has many programs in place to help our businesses and homes achieve those savings,” said Jacob Hardy, Sustainability and Key Accounts Manager.   

TCLP offers its customers a variety of energy-efficient programs including:  

  • Voluntary Green Pricing Program  
  • On-Bill Financing  
  • Time of Use Program  
  • Energy Saver Program  
  • Net Metering  

Reducing the energy used by manufacturers, homes, and businesses benefits everyone – especially energy bill-payers. The average household saves almost $500 yearly thanks to efficiency standards that apply to new appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and water heaters, alone. 

To learn more about TCLP’s energy efficiency efforts, visit 

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About #EEDay2023: On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, a growing network showcases the vital benefits of energy efficiency during the 5th annual nationwide Energy Efficiency Day. Learn how we can all save money, cut pollution, create jobs, and more at