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Power Outages: 231.922.4940

Service Requests

Turn On/Off Services

To apply for electrical service, disconnect electrical service, or to make inquiries about billing statements, please stop by the TCLP Customer Service department at 1131 Hastings Street, or call 231-922-4940.

Commercial Underground Service

Are you constructing a new commercial building? Do you need to upgrade your existing commercial electric service? 


For customers requesting service removal in preparation for building demolition, please refer to the form, Request for Removal of Electric Utilities for Demolition.

Net Metering

TCLP has a Net Metering Program which provides an opportunity for customers to produce local renewable energy that may partially or fully offset their energy requirements.

Miss Dig

Michigan law requires that you call Miss Dig at 1-800-482-7171 at least three (3) working days before starting your project to have all underground utilities located and staked.