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Power Outages: 231.922.4940

Residential Assistance


Utility customers may be eligible for economic assistance from the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, please call 231-941-3900 for assistance. 


Medical emergency protections are available for critical care customers (individuals who require home medical equipment or a life support system) or utility customers with a medical emergency (medical condition that will be aggravated by the lack of utility service). Medical documentation from a licensed physician is required to determine eligibility.

Military shutoff protections are available for customers that are in military active duty. Verification of active duty is required to determine eligibility.

Low income protections are available for utility customers with household incomes that do not exceed 150% of the poverty level, or are participants in assistance from a state emergency relief program, food assistance or Medicaid. Income tax documentation or verification of enrollment in programs is required to determine eligibility.

Senior citizen protections are available during heating and cooling seasons. Seniors will not be shutoff in the winter or if the summer temperatures exceed 95 degrees. Seniors are required to notify the utility and sign an affidavit to be eligible for this protection.

For more information on Assistance and Protections please call Customer Service at 231-922-4940.