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TCLP Unveils Comprehensive Strategic Plan for a Sustainable and Innovative Future

Friday, April 12, 2024

Contact: Hannah Duell, Communications Specialist, (231)-932-4544,

Traverse City, MITraverse City Light & Power (TCLP), a pioneering municipal utility committed to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions, proudly announced on March 15th, 2024, the approval of its forward-thinking Strategic Plan. Through extensive planning, stakeholder engagement, and collaborative efforts over the past year, TCLP charts a visionary course for community enrichment, customer experience excellence, employee development, operational and financial innovation, technological advancement, and environmental sustainability.

Strategic Vision for Community and Beyond

Building from the momentum derived from TCLP’s Climate Action Plan’s robust stakeholder engagement and a year’s worth of analysis and planning, TCLP sets forth an ambitious path to deepen its integration within the community it serves, ensuring a future that is both sustainable and prosperous for all.

Key Priorities and Goals

  • Community Enrichment: Committing to sustainable practices and innovative clean energy solutions as an invested civic partner.
  • Customer Experience: Delivering unparalleled service quality and innovative offerings for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Employee Excellence: Building a high-performing, adaptable team ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.
  • Operational and Financial Excellence: Innovating operations and strengthening financial health for sustainable growth.
  • Technology Transition: Leading in utility sector technology and service excellence with strategic technological investments.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Advancing towards 100% renewable energy usage by 2040 and promoting comprehensive environmental stewardship through TCLP operations targeting greenhouse gas reduction.

A Future Crafted Together

“In crafting TCLP’s Strategic Plan, we’ve been guided by the vast possibilities our industry offers and the immense dedication of our team,” said Brandie Ekren, Executive Director of Traverse City Light & Power. “This plan reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, laying a foundation for a future where we not only meet challenges but create opportunities.”

Board Chair Ross Hammersley added, “Our new strategic plan represents a significant milestone for TCLP, our customers, employees, and our community.  It lays out a blueprint for how we can move forward together, building on our strengths as a municipal utility and embracing new opportunities for growth and sustainability. I’m incredibly proud of what TCLP has accomplished and very excited for the journey ahead.”

Together Towards a Brighter Future

TCLP is excited to invite the community to be an integral part of this transformative journey. Through shared dedication and collaborative effort, TCLP and the Traverse City community will pave the way toward a future marked by prosperity, sustainability, and innovation.

About Traverse City Light & Power

Serving the community since 1912, Traverse City Light & Power (TCLP) is a municipally owned utility serving Traverse City and its surrounding areas. Dedicated to reliability, sustainability, and innovation, TCLP provides energy and telecommunication services designed to meet the changing needs of its community. For more information, visit