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Power Outages: 231.922.4940

(CLOSED) RFP – Utility Billing & CIS

Updates 6/24/2021:

Schedule A can be downloaded HERE

The schedule is meant to be minimal as a quick guide for summary purposes.  However, please provide a more detailed breakdown of your costs within the packet.

Notes on Schedule A:

  1. The Schedule is to be utilizing as a guide and should be filled out as close as possible.
  2. If you have additions/subtractions of items, please add the additions but do not remove any items.
  3. If you have items that are bundled in, such as software costs with training, please just indicate that in text below your submission.
  4. A La Carte Options: TCLP may only pick Electric and Telecom and not do anything with Water/Sewer; Pricing must be broken out to accommodate.
  5. If your licensing is different than the above, please indicate that in text below the submission; Totals still must be filled out.
  6. Total Initial Costs and Total Recurring Costs are absolutely required.

Updates 6/14/2021:

  1. Scope of customization for Telecom povisioning into TCLP’s current systems (Nokia and Alianza): The system must fully integrate into Nokia’s platform for auto-provisioning of services and ONT’s as well as gain metrics from usage. Same applies for the Alianza VOIP platform and usage of APIs. For example, a customer can change their internet speeds simply by logging into a portal and selecting a new option and all bill pro-rating and provisioning will automatically happen without any manual efforts.
  2. System integration into TCLP’s systems: Currently TCLP utilizes the following systems: Milsoft Disspatch (OMS), Eaton Yukon (AMI), ESRI (GIS), Novotx Elements (work-order).  At a minimum Multispeak shall be supported and integrated.
  3. Cloud based solution: At this time, TCLP is seeking an on-premise system.  However, if a vendor wants to run the system for TCLP, then Staffing can be off-premise.
  4. DHHS Meaning: Department of Health and Human Services
  5. Appendix A Publish: will be published this week
  6. Current UBCIS Vendor: Central Square
  7. Current Contract, annual spend/budget, or non-satisified components: Will not be provided
  8. Licenses: All TCLP/City Staff should be able to utilize the solution as necessary
  9. Go Live Date: TCLP is targeting go live by end of 2021, but will negotiate a timeframe with successful bidder
  10. RFP Response: Physiscal copies must be submitted via sealed bids and CAN be mailed in or dropped off.  Digital copies shall also be provided within the sealed bid (USB Key, etc).

Updates 6/11/2021:

  • TCLP UBCIS RFP Document (WORD) – This was requested by several for easier fillable forms.  No text shall be modified for any reason at any point.
  • Multispeak Support – This will be REQUIRED for internal system communications
  • On-Premise Solution – An on-premise solution is what is being sought after
  • Appendix A (Pricing Table) – Please disregard, a new Appendix A will be published and sent out that will break pricing out to allow for easier comparables
  • Total RFP Submissions – We will evaluate any/all that come in
  • Pre-Bid Conference – This was not mandatory but encouraged

Traverse City Light & Power, a Michigan Public Power Electrical Utility, is seeking bids on a Utility Billing and Customer Information System.

All bids are expected to be submitted on or before June 28th, 2021.

Interested Bidders Please Follow Steps Below:

If you filled out the form but do not receive an email response within one business day, please send an inquiry to